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Board Members and Staff

Credit Union Staff

Code of Ethics
Conflict of Interest

Town and Country Credit Union has been a member owned financial institution since 1939. Father Duren, of St. Boniface Church, Westphalia, started the Credit Union in 1939. The original name of the credit union was Westphalia Community Credit Union. Later the name was changed to Town and Country Credit Union. In 1983, a branch office was opened in Harlan. The Harlan office eventually became the main office and the Westphalia office became the branch. The Westphalia office remained open until 2000. In 2017, the branch office in Avoca was opened.

Chief Executive Officer Denny Siemers
Chief Executive OfficerDenny Siemers
Chief Operations Officer Lorrie Kohl
Chief Operations OfficerLorrie Kohl
Member Services Specialist Kathy Schafer
Member Services SpecialistKathy Schafer
Member Services Specialist Kris Wegner
Member Services SpecialistKris Wegner
Member Services Specialist Denise Wiig
Member Services SpecialistDenise Wiig
Gervas Mgonja
Vice President of Business DevelopmentGervas Mgonja
Member Services Specialist Desirae Baratta
Member Services SpecialistDesirae Baratta
Member Services SpecialistTrudi Buck
Member Services SpecialistCayley Poggensee
Member Services SpecialistMadison Doonan
Member Services SpecialistJessica Feldman
Member Services SpecialistLisa Hicks
Back row – Rich Hastert, Kirk Petersen, Brad Schechinger, Denny Siemers, Matt Andersen, Christine Petersen, Bob Seivert, Gervas Mgonja Middle row – Trudi Buck, Donna Schmidt, Cindy North, Judy Knudsen Front row – Kristi Wegner, Shelva Slifer, Denise Wiig, Kathy Schafer, Lorrie Kohl, Desirae Baratta (missing Jessica Feldman, Madison Doonan, Lisa Hicks)

Board of Directors

Richard H. Hastert
Rich Hastert
Cynthia L. North
Cindy North
Matt Andersen
Matt Andersen
Kirk Petersen
Kirk Petersen
Chris Petersen
Christine Petersen
Robert A. Sievert
Bob Sievert
Brad Schechinger
Brad Schechinger
Judy Knudsen
Judy Knudsen
Donna Schmidt
Donna Schmidt
Back row – Rich Hastert, Kirk Petersen, Brad Schechinger, Denny Siemers, Matt Andersen, Gervas Mgonja, Bob Seivert Front row – Judy Knudsen, Christine Petersen, Donna Schmidt, Cindy North

Town and Country Credit Union Board of Directors

As a member-owner of Town and Country Credit Union you have the opportunity to help lead your credit union by running for the Board of Directors. A position on Town and Country's Board of Directors is completely voluntary and one of many features that makes a credit union unique. They truly have the member's best interest in mind in every decision made!

Become a Town and Country Director

Every October a call for candidates is made in the credit union’s newsletter. If you're interested in running for the Town and Country Board of Directors call (712) 755-3881, submit your name and you will be sent a nomination form to complete. Elections for Directors are held at the annual meeting in January. Each member has equal ownership in the credit union and one vote in electing their Board of Directors - regardless of how much money they have on deposit.

Annual Meeting Information

Your vote counts! Plan on attending Town and Country Credit Union's Annual Meeting, scheduled every January, to vote for your Board of Directors.