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Our philosophy is to keep our fees as low as possible. As one of our member-owners, we want you to have affordable access to the financial services you need.

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Checking, Overdraft and Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Charges

Fee Type Fee Amount
Copies of Cleared Checks $1 plus tax/item
Cost of Checks Prices vary with quantity, style, & design
NSF Checking/ACH Pre-authorized Withdrawal $31/item
NSF ACH Preauthorized Withdrawal $31/item
Overdraft Fee $31/item
Stop Payment (per check and per book) $25 plus tax
Monthly Service Charge (Share Draft accounts) $6.42
Overdraft Protection from Savings (maximum of 3 transfers a month) $5.00 per transfer
Corporate Checks made payable to someone other than our member per check $1.00

Check Issue Charges

Fee Type Fee Amount
Cashiers Check $1

ATM Fees

Fee Type Fee Amount
Fee After 4 Withdrawals $1.50 per transaction
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) ATM withdrawal $31/item
Card Replacement Fee $10

NOTE: ATM's not owned by Town and Country may issue a surcharge.

Master Card® Debit Card

Fee Type Fee Amount
Card Replacement Fee $10
Express Replacement Card Delivery $20
Master Card Debit Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $31

Master Card® Credit Card

Fee Type Fee Amount
Annual Percentage Rate 9.90% APR
Annual Fee None
Grace Period 25 days
Card Replacement Fee (standard delivery) $10
Card Replacement Fee (express delivery) $30
Overlimit Charge $10
Payments Over 15 Days Late $10

Home Banking

Fee Type Fee Amount
eStatements Free
Internal Transfers (inbound) Free

Statement/Account Assistance

Fee Type Fee Amount
Account Histories $1
Copy of Statement $1
Research Fee $25
Statement Reconciliation (max history of 3 months) $25

Wire Transfers

Fee Type Fee Amount
Domestic (outgoing) $15
Domestic (incoming) $15
Deposit Items Returned (written on member’s account) $5
Deposit Items Returned (not written on member’s account) $5
Fax Sending Charges $1 per page
Fax Receiving Charges $1 per page
Photocopy charges after 5 copies $0.25 per page
Member Cashing Non-member check No longer offer this service
Reopens Account (within 90 days of closing) $25
Tax Levy/Garnishment Fee $25