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News All Members Need to Know

We totally recognize that “banker’s hours” aren’t always the most convenient for the average working person. At Town & Country Credit Union, we want to do everything possible to make sure that your transactions with us are quick and, dare I say, enjoyable!

When I’m working on the frontline on Saturdays, I often times think to myself, “Shoot, if only members knew ________, they would have been able to save themselves some time!”

So here is a small list I’ve complied with the help of a few of my fellow co-workers that might help you in the future:

  1. All debit cards have daily limits. Limits can be changed for a day by calling the C.U. Permanent limit raises need to be approved by management.
  2. Night drop deposits and payments need to be in envelopes. The weight of a check alone is not enough to get it to drop all the way in. Gets caught in the mechanism.
  3. If you aren’t able to get to us during business hours, don’t forget that you can always deposit in our night drops. Each location has one and it is first priority the next business morning. Yes, even over the ATMs!
  4. Envelopes are available in the top half of depository.
  5. When depositing cash, count it first and know the total. Why? Well… it’s just a good to know that your total and my total agree. Capeesh?
  6. Write your account number on your check and sign the back, and write “for deposit to TCCU”. Every check that we take in has to have an account number on it. If you do this for us, it helps us find your account and get it deposited quicker!
  7. If you change your e-mail address let the Credit Union know. Internet banking will not work unless the correct e-mail address is in the system.

Stop in to see us anytime!